Javier Arrés: “If you are interested in art as an investment you should also be interested in digital art”

4 min readJul 5, 2021


Javier Arrés lives in London but the Spanish artist has made himself in the digital world. After having established himself as one of the greatest creators of NFTs, he now joins StadioPlus to share his talent with the figure of Javier Zanetti.

Javier Arrés, Zanetti’s first NFT author.

● How did you get started in the art world?

I started teaching drawing and painting classes at the age of eleven. I loved drawing and continue to do so. In my case I have no memory of me without drawing.

● At what point did you see that digital art was your passion?

I think that cinema and videogames were important, but also seeing the possibilities that computers had in terms of drawing and art programs. I have grown along with that evolution with which I was always in contact. It is one more discipline, it is another tool and if you are creative it is normal to be interested in all of them and then stay with the ones that express or resolve the creative message you want to convey.

● How did you get to know the world of NFTs and why did they captivate you?

The truth is that I met them at the same time when some people contacted me to be part of a great crypto art platform, they explained everything to me and my interest has already arisen. I was captivated because it was the solution to the problem of selling certified and unique digital work.

● Would you make any differentiation between physical and digital art? What do you think?

The difference is the tools and logistics, but creating a work of art is the same in any format or in any way. In essence it is the same, change the wooden brush for a plastic one and the canvas for a screen.

● How do you think sport fits into the art world?

It always fit very well. The Discobolus, the famous sculpture of Myron is a sports work, in ancient Greece many were made and in all times. It is an important part of humanity and also a physical expression full of meanings, glory, defeat, effort … For me it is a great song and I love it.

● Why do you think it is interesting to invest in NFTs? What makes NFTs special?

It is as interesting as an investment as buying physical art, with the difference that now the NFTs are very new and are at the beginning with what anyone could get with a great work of art that in the future could be greatly appreciated. It is a digital art market and it works like the traditional art market, so if you are interested in art as an investment you should also be interested in digital art.

They are special because they are the first intangible assets that can be acquired with full ownership of that asset and all the authenticity. It is a very important leap in terms of digital.

● Where do you find inspiration? Where does your personal style come from?

Many things inspire me, movies, video games and many things that I see every day on the street. Inspiration is being open to receiving impulses of all kinds, without biases or mental barriers. The important thing is the will to take that inspiration and dedicate weeks and weeks of work to that idea.

My personal style is born from leaving me free to do what I like. From small to cut-out constructions, I like miniatures, I spent years playing the Tycoon Videogame saga and SIM city. In the end, you do what you like to see, I like to see many things and I mix them all. It is a fusion of many things.

● Why did you decide to collaborate with Stadio Plus?

Being able to collaborate and do works for great sports myths and having the possibility of capturing those feats with the support of the star is something great. I like to draw sports.

● What is the strangest thing that you have been commissioned to do?

An illustration for the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the United States. Super friendly, they were clear about what they wanted, I did it and they were very satisfied. And they paid well. All phenomenal.





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