StadioPlus: the new space of sports in the NFT world

The world has changed the way we understand everything. During the COVID-19 pandemic, conventional ways of relating, shopping, communicating, or even enjoying life became totally new and different.

Art also took a twist and managed to sustain its industry but with a new way of showing itself to the world: through NFTs. And within this industry, StadioPlus was born, the new NFT platform for the world of sports.

StadioPlus will become the meeting point between the crypto world and sports, with the best artists and athletes on the world scene. Created by professional basketball player Luis Scola, a former NBA player and captain of the Argentine national team, as well as an Olympic champion, the company is committed to sport to gain a foothold in the world of digital art collecting.

The first drop of the company is carried out by the former Argentine footballer and captain of the Albiceleste national team Javier Zanetti and will feature the design of Javier Arrés, a pioneer in the world of NFTs and one of the stars of the digital artistic environment. Its premiere: Wednesday, July 7.

Along with these, new top-level athletes will soon join in to create memorable works that can be purchased on the web platform. All of them will be available under the protection of blockchain technology and can be acquired with the cryptocurrency Ethereum. In addition, buyers who purchase any of the available works will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the author and athlete, as well as other experiences and assets included with the acquisition of the NFT.

If you want to be aware of all the information about new drops, pre-sales and benefits, you can subscribe to the exclusive platform just by writing your email on the official website ( You can also follow their Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook channels and many more.

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