StadioPlus launches the first ever white-label product: a NFT platform for the sports industry

2 min readJun 1, 2022

StadioPlus, is a Web3 company bridging the gap between the world of gaming and sports industries, and NFTs, including metaverses. This company is founded by Jon Fatelevich, a specialist in SportsTech business management who has founded several companies and former NBA player Lusi Scola, launches a SaaS focused on the creation and monetisation of NFTs for the sports, esports and entertainment sectors: .

This SaaS allows the creation of NFTs without the need for a programming team, customising the clients’ platform with their logos, designs, corporate elements and their own designs and functionalities for their NFTs.

The technology it uses combines the Binance and Ethereum blockchain and will be incorporating others in the near future. It also accepts payments in cryptocurrencies, credit cards and bank transfers.

Once the NFTs have been created on this platform, it is possible to access the secondary market, where users can resell and monetise the products they have acquired or even NFTs from other platforms such as Opensea or BinanceNFT.

In addition to the possibility of creating this type of digital products, working with the StadioPlus SaaS provides an obvious added value, which is to use a leading company in the NFT and metaverse sector, which has extensive experience making NFTs for top-level athletes, competitions and sports organisations and which is present in metaverses — developing this type of products and content — such as Decentraland (currently the most relevant in the world).

In the words of Jon Fatelevich, CEO and co-founder of StadioPlus, “NFTs and the metaverse are a new business model for the world of sports, eSports and entertainment. This is where StadioPlus is focused and where we hope to exponentially increase the revenues that are currently being achieved”.

Carles Montrull, CPO, underlined that “we have been working for the last few months on launching our SaaS, as it was a requirement from our own clients for whom we had made NFT collections. Many of them have millions of fans on their social networks, so it will be much easier for them to get started and monetise in the NFT and metaverse through our platform than if they had to create it from scratch”.

According to Montrull, “for the launch we have decided that the first 10 clients, of which we have already closed 4 with top level sportsmen and teams, will have a 50% discount on the list price. we expect a great demand and to become the SaaS of reference in the world of sports and entertainment.”




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