What is that called NFT that everyone is talking about?

What is an NFT?

  1. Authenticity — It is publicly accessible and verifiable. Because this information can’t be changed, the creator or collector can be assured that the blockchain guarantees authenticity and can always be proven.
  2. Truly limited editions — Artists have the ability to register a finite number of signed and authentic copies of their digital artwork, distinguishing those from a copy that someone could make or falsify.
  3. Ownership — Because the digital work of art becomes a registered artwork or NFT, a collector can take possession of the digital art piece and store it in a digital wallet. And the NFT can be also reselled in an online secondary market, without losing the traceability of the true creator and previous owners.
  4. Liquidity — In the same way that cryptocurrencies are traded, digital art can be sold and traded in a similar way, without any restrictions setted by a central authority.
  5. Provenance — The ownership history of the artwork is fully tracked on the blockchain. And a creation’s ownership history will affect its current and future value, which is now always available online.



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