Why collect NFTs, what can it bring to you?

2 min readAug 10, 2021


There are many reasons to collect NFTs, Digital Art registered in the blockchain.

Here you have some:

  1. Becoming a patron of the arts — Digital art breaks borders, allowing artists to reach global collectors. The purchase process through the blockchain guarantees the rights of the artists and is the foundation of a stable future for the artists.
  2. To invest — The same that happens with physical art, digital art is an investment option. Artworks can be resold for a profit on the many public secondary markets, with collectors already realizing returns of 10x+ in only a few months.
  3. The pleasure of collecting — The acquisition of a work of art that represents a moment, a feeling, an emotional concept that is difficult to convey in any way other than through art. The sensation of acquiring something unique and with at the same time it is cooperating in the stability of creation at a global level in a way that guarantees that in the future (and in the present) artists can make a living from art.
  4. Exhibit online — There are a lot of online options available for displaying your digital art pieces, such as virtual galleries, museums and events that exist online.
  5. Share it in physical dispositives — You can display your NFT artwork in your personal space, using a digital frame or tv. You can have it in your home or business like other art portrayal.

Don’t you think it’s now the time to switch to digital art?

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